Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

What Do You Stand For… Act 1: Episode 1

Brand name, brand scorched, blessed and baptized in the Louis store.
“When I die bury me inside the Gucci store” – 2 Chains
Rolex galore and if I could I would too.
“Hello mister nice watch…” – J. Cole
If I had it I’d buy it all, swipe and try to buy the mall.
“…I spent that on drapes” – Jay Z
But before I reassure my pockets diaspora, my bank’s own money clips…
I for damn sure would make sure my birth bringing don’t look like SHIT!
My whole family gotta eat right, gotta be employed to provide hands capable of feeding the kids they’ve deployed.

But this isn’t about my intentions I stand on the pinnacle of that same shit Garvey, X and Castro stood for:                               Equality
Revolutionary and my address, political views and such is very stationary.

                               What Do You Stand For…?

Are you more concerned with the Twitter revolution than your contribution to evolution.
No solution, at least not what you’re looking for because they’re definition of the same word features dilution.
What ever makes money.    $$$$   >>> Funny?
Loved ones telling me to vote like somehow I should be cool with the lesser of two evils.
Last I heard the president didn’t run this country it was the American people!
But so many stand on “L’s” and I’m talking about lazy.
Would rather cast a ballot for the next man to do it than raise your own damn babies.
Drop them off daily so the teacher can teach them how to be the epidamy of children so all you have to do is tuck them in at night right?!               


Fuck ever happen to dinner table homework checks, bedtime stories and night lights? 
PTA meetings and the “what do you wanna be when you grow up conversations”?         
I could go on and on about how we became soft as a people…
But the truth is we’re going blind for sure.
So I ask you to rethink your position in life, what do you love and What do you stand for?


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