Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

1Up (Lyricism Library)

In the likes of them…
The Marios, Luigis, Toadstools and Princesses!!!

I 1Up!

Bearing my undeniable likeness to a society with a springboard middle finger,
Don’t feel ashamed; for the forgotten and maimed I let it linger,
Pepper Ridge Farm entices of the vices of my Mrs. Social Ginger.

They’ll ask why is he so riled up for and I tell them its because life reluctantly is only for the winners,
Not the fair players they don’t get the Rolls and the girls or the dinner rolls and lobster creme for dinner.
Just sardines and canned cheese with soups in bowls with crevices for the sinners seated in jumpsuits in rows.

So in lieu of losers, underdogs and choosers I 1Up for them,
In the mist of the boogers and hoodlums, the rascals and scumbags I toast to them.
Arial approach the vindictive are near guarding the premises with the premise of pretend on pretenses that these fences of Babylon will never fall.
Kamikaze death jumper with a nuke something attached to my chest I’d die for what I believe in to prove they’ll all fall!!!!

… and that.. is how you 1Up on them.


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