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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

What Do You Stand For

I wish it were as simple as the entirety of the majority of our society makes it seem…
Like me standing, stranded, looking all confident and feeling all outlandish is really the epitome of the this American dream.

My vote counts?!!??

Fuck a vote!!

How about I place my gambles in the bowels of more important shit like hope:
I hope the future is for the youth; I hope my neighbor will love me like a brother; I hope my brother will remain as my keeper; I hope my Lord is watching over me and I hope this country never again goes to war.

In the mist of me tallying the piles of hopes I’ve realized that I can not wear the noose, the vote.

I saw you vote yesterday America and unemployment still rose,
And after you’ve voted friends of mines will still remain deployed overseas.
Even when the ballots have been cast, and the new would be savior substitutes the last by finding a comfy position on his ass, with your tax cash…
I realize that all this hype, campaigning and lobbying has nothing to do with the average American citizen.

So cooking up my realism with two spatulas it dawned on me…
If you aren’t that person voting for every single politically important position; senator, governor, mayor, representative and more.
You can choke on your words for me! I don’t go around convincing people not to vote so let’s not pull reversal rehearsals.

Telling me I must vote reminds me of when  they told pregnant women what to do with their babies or gays that they are abominations or women that they can’t vote… How ironic…

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Stand For

  1. A lot to ponder in your words. We must vote. Sometime hard to tell who is right or wrong? It is terrible when we vote for the person who will do the least damage. Thank you.

    • I agree with the people who vote and why and so I’ll never tell anyone to stop. I however believe I can do my part in a different way. Like we should all pick up trash but who does that? Thanks for commenting.

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