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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

What Do You Stand For: (Intro to series)

Hi All,

I am experimenting with an anthology of poems called “What Do You Stand For” which is basically an inspirational, educational and uplifting series of prose. The root of this concept.stems down to what we as individuals can do as a whole positively and how do we negatively affect the same situations we claim to dislike. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the intro piece.


Fahdah Away


It changes you from within, this technology war.
I seldom must have the fastest, the strongest, the best…

Phones that do more than my computer can.
Conversations overly saturated about droids replacing man,
So much for us becoming enlightened; we’d rather make bots brainy.
Acid rain clouds keep the Harvard statue covered; its no longer good to be rainy.
Pollution produces rivers in abundance and in developing countries its bath water applications.

Even they think its cool as long as they know mac book quick keys, they desert the desert and come to America in lieu of snorting quick keys.
Maserati drivers from street car pushers.
All because the invention of the next big app.
This thing changed you because I swore I heard you say if you ever got rich…

If you ever got rich, your first fix would be this river’s cleanliness,
word on the web is you’ve earned a Guinness record you bought the first black diamond solar powered Rolex with a 4g lte connection to the master clocks at Greenwich.
15 million dollars…

It could buy you a new life and it did but I thought you wanted to change lives; the latter and point is plural kid.


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4 thoughts on “What Do You Stand For: (Intro to series)

  1. CorporateBeauty on said:

    Looking forward to the next in this series.

  2. Tech is wonderful. But I tell people. Best know how to survive without. Need energy to maintain the tech world. Power go down and man is in deep trouble. Must be able to survive in any type of world. Your series is very good. Thank you.

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