Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


There I was…

Sitting upright; atleast somewhat anyhow, aligning myself for the one thing every person in this entire world is destined to do. Some people boldly contradict the predictions at halo above their heads but me? No way I’m a suave young man on the brink of success and all excepting of my gloomy faith. My destiny, no matter how unfavorable to some. One should be more kindling of what’s to come, take for example the dinosaurs… Where are they?! Exactly! So as I sit here in a psychological engagement of pseudo-embracing my path ahead of me…

All I could fathom pass the plunging drops of methane packed plops was, “damn this shit stinks something serious!” My nose, Sir Grand Francois was furious. No understanding for the lackadaisical efforts of Mr. Anus, leaving shit literally every where.

(Pardon all puns and buns for that matter)

The only savoir for this situation may just be Mr. Clean or the people that provides us with Scrubbing Bubbles. The fumigation exciting the air particles at this moment will not be stopped by average household HVAC dilution, you will need the most intense, supreme aerosol solution… Spray away the mayhem happening toilet side top and innards.

There I was…
TT (Toilet Time)


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