Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Roses Cry?


Do roses cry as we do???

Must be the reasons they droop in the evenings,
No one to care near dears of their flared near tears; atleast I’m believing.
Leaving beds dressed in shreds of the Counts’ “She love me’s” as I’m dreaming.

Do roses cry like we do???

Hey you doves, Prince formerly spoke of your sorrow sounds in lyrical rock-like formalities,
But these reds next to carnations do present blooming abnormalities,
The ladies love them and then there’s Hallmark possibilities,
even balloons play ensembles stringing stems with ribbons and scripted envelope formatted to perk wistfully around their tangles.

Do roses cry if we do???

We do desert, dessert…
Plates become barren like desert and wine glasses humbly observe one party dinner reservations.
Wet mobile sprinkles tinkle down frown curvatures.
Taking with them packets of bliss, unsound channels of kiss-es.
Wishes, we wish could join us like roses when missing a loved one’s poses.
Can’t dine in time with silhouettes and they refuse to style in stilettos, ethos.
I know roses cry like we do because roses are the keepers when we morn at aborted weddings, stood-up dinners, empty broken homes with full varnished vases and funerals.

Roses cry when we do.

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