Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

…Of a little girl

All I know is this beautiful baby girl…

The beautiful innocence of my little girl

“I’m so in love … with you girl!”
my Sean Paul remix for the world!

She so fine like mommy,
I’m a be; combs for the honey,
Not like Sean Combs but I hope I remain a Bad Boy if only to protect her honey.
Hopefully, I can get pass all this worry,
Hurry, baby girl you was born in Texas but so West Indian brewed like curry,
Popping and slurping already, thickening mommy’s milk like you cooking with slurry.
Not so much cornstarch but you’re definitely my butter.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not
Can’t believe she’s not …
Nothing but Splendora.
Pretty little big eyes, my african american Dora

Allure of brochures the commodore in Dior is feminine with fragrances that any entrepreneur brother from here to Guam or where ever can never fracture…

I won’t let them ill encourage my little girl!

I endure all of humanity’s manure manually not withstanding that my baby girl will age annually and be…
Possibly out of my home by that tender 23;
Where I can’t protect her when she’s out at discotheques in the reach of harm where ignorant elves carry knives and sub-machines like you know; uzi’s, tek’s.
And the whole world that I would backpack with no hesitation suddenly seems like the divide between the Korean nations…

I’m a daddy of a little girl in this fucked up world.


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