Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.



I found a flame! For lack of better words I found my rendition of a bad bitch,
without the derogatory subtractions and stereotypical contractions that encompass her with the average.
Lavish, I love every aspect of her, Her thighs rub faint… I mean amore; Spanish.
She isn’t and I’m just imagining personifications beyond the margin’s captives.
The chances of me grabbing the number, scoring the maths, getting the digits; OUTLANDISH!

Uncut gem that stemmed from bedrock layers newer than Wilma of Fred from Bedrock.

Haha! One way or the next I reeled her in. It could have been quite the opposite but for the sake of storytelling I pulled her first.
Down to her purses and clutches are spending evenings at our residual convenes.
Residential riviere, wetness factors and humidity dehumidifiers.

And the little mirrors and multitude of lights similar to the store setups at Jared, Kay, DeBeers and other jewelers.

It’s more of a challenge to manage, the supervision of my treatment of this god-sent being…
Being exposed to dreams, I don’t always act the way I foresee my fantasies.
Hope I figure it out before I lose anymore ranks amongst the conspirators language and dramas of me.

Can’t set this cold stone in anything less than gold ice cream cones.

I found the riches and value of my jewel and I need to re-appraise her cut, color, brightness and flawlessness before the end of my days,
and someone else acquires what she requires to stay…
Her desires should continue to inspire to my love for her and set fire to the way in which I portray.


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