Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Old man Walker

Old man Walker was of a different breed.

He came from the lineage of men who had both parents and the undying support of an entire family.

Kids nowadays can’t understand why he wears all these medals; “Mr. Vietnam Veteran.”

Old man Walker, was of a alternate stature,
He came up during a time where it was cool to be good, everyone feared the wrath of God and the impending rapture.

Kids nowadays don’t grasp the entire concept of religion, too very concerned and saturated with materialism.

Old man Walker, was really a loved man,
Stood up for what he believed in and gaved his last dollar,
Always dawned his military insignia on his shirt chests and collars.
Inspired change from the opposite end of the totem and passionately he never voted.
Blamed the people for the nation’s shortcomings and raved about how we are the future and the kids are the hope!
He challenged the reps, the senators and mayors,
ate with the homeless and conversed with other religions in several layers… of understanding.

Old man Walker, if he ran for president I’d vote my ass off,
Not because the current candidates aren’t worth it or because the president doesn’t deserve it…
But because Old man Walker believed that we the people…

…We the people,
the people of this great nation should take responsibility of all the ills and perils that we’ve created.


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