Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Wii Mix

Ooooohh they distract the heebie jeebies outta me!
It’s entirely wrong that I’m crotch stationary and she obviously can see;
Can picture me with the Superman x-ray vision literally undressing she and her enormously well shaped watermelon-like chichis.
I, poet and story-teller, do solemnly swear to rock my 3D’s,
To give relativity and bouncing ergonomics to her expendable delicacies.
Fingers do long to do the Nunchuk and Motion-plus until I go Wii !
This is Mii Universe and I interpret your designs and designers the way I see Fit.

Its totally up to you why you got so scrumptiously thick,
Hips on logarithms and beauty on exponential; hits.
Makeup by yourself, liquor by top shelf,
And I’m looking down still focused on your split, contemplating mass division, incision, permission, decisions…
Pervert, for the forever, and I love how you don’t mind it.

Dark crusader with a sheet for a cape,
Mouth engrossed in her grapes,
Piecing together the situation like Lego: Batman trying to save the date.
I’ll never judge her, queen not known to randomly Smash Brothers
Especially since we’ve been lovers dancing crazily-groping-like close in our own Michael Jackson Experience minus the accusations,
Making each other.Move…. No Playstation

You can call me Mario every time I get the 1up,
fire power on fire flower I’m shooting until I shrink up,
Attributing male offspring to my nifty golf swing and female mini me’s to my juxtapose poses after bowling with my arms low and skyscraper poised nose;
I suppose, I never knew your milkshake had so much sucrose, maltose, glucose and Hershey’s give me two mo’s of yous!!!

I only want what’s best for… Mii,
Princess ooooohh you the best for me Toadstool


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2 thoughts on “Wii Mix

  1. You are a master magician of words. Enjoyed it!

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