Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Sign Language

Fingers do the lingers where the curves do their very best to swerve…
Oncoming traffic into the HOV lane!

Tension disposal, nonverbal audible commotion and flanges fling and flicker, an open oyster looking thing, in every possible direction imaginable.
Example #1: Atari joystick
Inadmissible prompts promote promiscuous behavior while chasing the savoir with a hand yielding a friendly-fire light sabre.

She bites her lips; deeply, sincerely, sexy like…
Example #2: Amateur Porn
Its the norm, I adorn, every single entangled moment, blinks enhance my vision HD.
My shirt becomes my big ass bib; literally.
In a realistic surreal world where I have to set my phone to page me because this shit is Erotica crazy!

Softcore smut?! Nah…
Example #3: Monster Ball Billy Bob Hale Berry
Merry bells jingle tones unfamiliar to Christmas tunes
Now that I think of it, its kind of like a miniature prune, keep the folds and subtract the wrinkles, its not old and should feature flavored sprinkles.

Fingertips glaze the top of her icing, her own;
Thighs divide like cell division…

Fuck it! She’s been masturbating for 15 minutes now. I can say it we’re grown!!!
I’m enthused she’s hormone infused, boundaries have been intruded upon; moved.
Cold jitters brick wall her complete frame, but she’s clammy sweaty hot.
deejaying the Love Below from her Speakerboxx
I guess at this point, since she’s in the mission position her enjoyment hand be The Love On Top.
Example #4: Straddle me love!!

Palm extremities play “paddle me love”, inside her travel size phenomenon,
Commas and conjunctions, combustion and conjugations, short regulations and regular playmate play time conversation,
Nail enamel dances frivolous and fanciful against labia real estate, stating real estates in estimation. Vigor and chance, residual calibration, tragic enlightenment, slutty engagements and things like deep diving objects roam her feminine cell towers.
Breast take on reception, inception, deception, head of the only other man in the relationship decapitated on insertion… 74% plastic, 16% rubber, 2% lithium battery, 2% Trojan Warm Sensations lubrication, 4% vibration and 2% orgasmic ejaculation.
Organic assimilation, I swear I wanna taste the end of Skittles rainbow, the railing trailing the scaling premises once dressed in Vitoria’s Secret
Seeping, sweeping, drips and drops from cliffs of clitoris, clotting spits and trotting trips… She trips!!
Back dips, dips and lifts!

“Ooooohh, Aaaahhhh, hhhmmmmnn, yyeeessss! Rrrruhhh” she screams and moans in simultaneous groans and grunts.
In full view, I construe in contempt, left out and forgotten, like witnessing only the climax of the blockbuster,
The goddamn preview to the main event,
Garish before the entree
Mustering nothing but sheer blood to raise the question: “My turn?”


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2 thoughts on “Sign Language

  1. ……yes. how do you come up with this? perfection.

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