Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Behavior Thoughts

I hurt her…

It doesn’t really matter why, when what’s true is I do.
Incapable sometimes of using my max potential; my glue.

My view, is that I always should and though time is no excuse,
I get complacent with her.
Praying I figure it all out before our “vows-to-be’s” are withered,
We want the same things its just communications are weathered,
now smooth situations resemble damaged leather.
Feathers, in the pillows don’t fluff the same when your loved one’s had enough of your snoring ass ways and you can’t ever display clever.

I can do better, but honestly my honesty fails to mention I have nothing previous to measure.
No solid relations in my life to look up to,
Shit, female family members used to tell me its better to hookup too,
Than waste all emotions and emoticons on females who don’t love love.
Because mamas and daddies don’t marry these days,
Momma’s got three and they aren’t all by he… Or him rather.
Strays, come along in the eyes of the kids that hopefully stay,
Under the roof long enough to learn the right way isn’t in sight’s day.

And that ain’t justification for me to be a learned fuckup,
I just need to do better, that is all I’ll shut the fuck up.


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