Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.



Huddle for the puddles that thwart the kids playing in the middle of the drizzle.
Location of appropriation; like you should be standing here, on this corner; apart of this nation.

Drunken beings stumble amongst the fore-drop of this regime,
In the hue of hi-beams, hookers glorify the stoplight scene;

Dope boys run the premises, hustling herbs and crack from building structures’ crevices and cracks.
The nemesis is this:
The cops, the outsiders, the activists, the rich and any one not fit to enjoy the scenic view,
We bid you adieu.

40 ounces still substitute for sprinklers any time of day,
In celebration of the fallen, the incarcerated and the forgotten if we may,
Hood theme music beats the best backdrop to say the least… Anything violent so these lil’ youngins can sing along to,
Shit; they know them whole songs too!

We initiated this quarter-mile of concrete as the flagship of operations,
Base heads still boom the floor, dropping it like its hot.
We call that shit product concentration.

Good vibes, even the youth play with used viles,
Recycling the concept of what brings in real money,
Not 9-5’s working retail or textiles,
pistol and dope pays the bills, 9’s and fives,
And see me in person about the work if you need it, you know them laws be tapping text files, phone talks, line verbage, emails and emoticon smiles.

Profiling, but everyone seems to be doing their jobs.
What ever expectations be expected for the butter to the kernels on the cobs.

Speed bumps; cheaper alternatives to spike strips for these speeding fiends,
Caged surveillance, on siege riding apartment tops,
stones kiss them and leave, provided we acquire that spot, like capture the flag.
Pseudo-excitement like the momentary life of drags,
Timezone in between the limelight and the reality drags.
No one really wants a rainbow in the hood unless its all good,
Some brothers on the low down shrugging like nobody talks… We keep it hood.

Even though we’re simple minded we prefer the realism of you maintaining the preface,
Atleast we know what you stand for without the urge to deface,
replace soldiers and goons? Never we were pre-placed on the block like arms on the clock to be chased…

***Original picture credits go to The Wire original television series


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2 thoughts on “Blocks

  1. You paint a harsh reality

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