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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Forgiveness, I Beg


Forgiveness, I beg…

I test your faith with the question:
“Whom do you believe in?”

Do you believe as much as you say you do?
Are you willing to die this very moment for what you hold as true?
Can you forsake all you have for the God you love? What will you do?

Give away all your earthly possessions, idols and give a confession,
10,000 Hail Marys and a chance at ascension.
Will you find a sacrafice,
Seek out the elders advice?
Does your religious text have guidelines for “Pro Choice” or “Pro Life”?
On what grounds can you “put away” your wife;
And what’s the value of a woman in your beliefs, can you stone her to death; has she any rights?

Is HE, God?
What’s HIS name?
Is it Jesus, Yahweh, Mohammad, Chukwu, Allah, Joshua, Buddah? How about Krishna, Shangdi, Akan, Elohim, Ilah, Elaha, Brahma, Jehovah, Gitche Manitou, Haile Selassie, Shen, Waheguru, Zeus, Zhu Tian, Ra, El Shaddai, Huwa…

Does it matter?

Maybe you’re an atheist, and you believe we stemmed from the Big Bang matter,
Some even say intelligent beings, parasites or monkey genes.

Forgiveness, I beg…

Whom decides if your Most High is the highest,
Did they deem it ok to murder unbelievers whom defy this?
How peaceful are your religious wars…
Foolish radicals in need of proving a childish cause,
If your Gods are so great will they not eradicate hate themselves?
And how are you an instrument against the very things you perpetuate yourselves!?

Forgiveness, I beg…

You blaspheme the efforts of your own morality,
Morally deficient, mortally insufficient yet by design inept at anything but mortality, unknowingly part of the sinning majority.
The bureaucracy of your theology bends favors willingly for politics, such fucking hippocracy!

Silk linens and things, swaddling your holy daughters giving up trim.
They are not lawns, yet they materialize with the most fertilizer…
Shit for the skin; hint, hint, hymns.
When shall we overcome if our only hurdles are the simplest things?

Forgiveness, I beg…

Religion is supposed to be the one truth that brings, us together; however, its the very root of division amongst human beings.

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4 thoughts on “Forgiveness, I Beg

  1. EmpressT on said:

    If that ain’t the truth. Just as politics it’s another border separating human kind. And worst off affecting us tremendously, mentally.

  2. Monumental truth, bro! The world is full of hypocrites

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