Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Momma Love


She’s his whole world!

The very definition of sunshine.
And without her nurture, her presence, that light, that creation of full time…
It’ll be like before she even saw full term.

Full of expectation, full of nerves, hormones and full of turns; literally.
She’s even full of blood pooling,
Strangely her hands and flanges are resembling her toes and feet.

The blissful phenomena of something inside,
Growing into curvature, thick hair and those hips rest sensationally wide; Andromeda
The gift to provide…

!Ok time to switch it up, like no more forced laying on the side!

Mother’s love deserve tributes; 2 Pac “Dear Mama”,
Karma joins the relation uninvited so be clear on being there,
Beware on being near, father figure or not that angel needs you.
Mommy’s got the fort while Daddy’s off saving the world one salute at a time.

This miniature you is your biggest fan,
You’re his hero, you represent land to the little people,
The cool leather and ostrich of the luxury vehicle.
Think Bentley!
Imagine that, in the eyes of apples you have no equal.
There’s more than a loving bond between you, there is a metaphysical umbilical cord; lifeline, hotline connection, on pedestals that stand on steeples.

Who knew drool could be so wonderfully captivating for you… Much less the bib!

Onesies, booties and pacifier action makes you blush,
Blood shot red in the cheeks locale, full of love, hopes, expectations and such.

such prayers:

Dear Lord,
Help this child walk, talk and grow as healthy as can be,
It would be cool if he looks like daddy but can we lean more towards me?
You’ve granted him all ten toes and fingers,
Blessed him with perfect eyes and dimples cute enough to match a Star’s smile.
I’m just praying to give thanks… To tell you how grateful I am to you for bringing me this gorgeous joy, This heaven sent beautiful boy.

Thank You Lord,


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5 thoughts on “Momma Love

  1. Taylor on said:

    Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Wow, you have a beautiful world, full of sunshine and love.

    • Lol @Sassy this is an exclusive piece I for my friend in the picture. Attempt to broaden my horizons.

      • Aww. But it’s nice though! 😀 Good job! So, that’s why I was like, hey the photos are not the same. Maybe she changed her hair or something. lol. My bad!

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