Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Yes or No


I dare Love to hear love…!

It looks you in the eye wide, bold, motherfucking COURAGEOUS!

…and asks,
“Where’ve you been all my life?”

Extremely cliche, but those are the questions that inquire things about life.
Questions like:
“Do you love me?”
“How’d I find you?”
“Why’d you choose me?” Or
“Must I remind you?”

If so check yes, if not don’t check no.

Take me back to the sweetest moments, simple like sharing bubble gum and not just any bubble gums.
I’m talking Chiclets or Bubblicious!
Scribing the paper “Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No” but forgetting to draw the boxes leaving them with an opportunity to circle love or, “or” if they’re really clever.
I found that love like yo’ Love I got you!
And I remembered the boxes, even thought of omitting the conjunction but forgot to.

What’s perfect about this is, it is perfectly imperfect for me,
Every blemish has a smile attached and every scar and wound healed with memory.
Arguments fade to pixel sizes, only what’s left remains presently.
Ups and downs recognize seesaws as brothers of the same struggle,
Baggage, past embarrassments, and accomplishments are entitlements or pieces of the puzzle.

Love Is… A Jah Cure song exactly,
the “this” love, is best love and fresh love… No exact copies.
Copy me?

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5 thoughts on “Yes or No

  1. Copy you, Roger! I posed some questions but forgot to check some boxes too in my life, all in the name of love. So glad you dropped by so orriginally. Being from Suriname I share one love with the Caribbean (and the rest of the world). Thanks for speaking your heart and mind so firmly.

    • Np. I like the reads. Appreciate the piece, it hit home for me. I’m not bajan but none the less. I’m from the Virgin Islands so for me it was almost like posting my flag. Thanks for dropping a line and sharing some insight!

  2. I love you too 🙂

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