Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Student Blues


I heard over the radio student loans will not increase.
Shit is what I really wanted to say at very least,
Because my tuition for this 3-yr bachelor is 90-grand,
VA student I am but my part-time job and monthly stipends aren’t sufficient for the household, car notes, insurance and career endeavors…

So if ever;
I dream of getting a leg up or lead of acquiring what the current music industry considers a standard necessity or need then I better skip the repayment paragraphs,
Skip the interest sections and sign the fucking dotted line!

“Point and initial with date please” she says.
I really hate financial advisers. Seems like they only advise me into debt, such fucked up advice.

There goes my life, another limb at best,
Hows a student supposed to truly invest,
when the cost is really throwing my credit into a mess
and helping bank managers into new Armani suits, snake skin formal boots and watches n’ shit by Rolex…


Shoot!, blindfold me first and make it a big gun,
20k for life doesn’t amount to capitalism does it? No fun.
Especially considering the daily essentials, no matter how much my boss tells me its evident the system is shitting diarrhea like all over my “potential”…
Potent-ly even.
Why continue breathing?

Dear interviewer, I know my resume says full-time student but I can’t get experience if you don’t take the chance, and I can’t get a job without experience.
So save me the bs experience and expense of coming to you after you’ve had a week in advance to review my application and corresponding docs for you to inform me that “you’ll be calling.”

Just whom will be calling?

I’ll tell, the creditors, the light company, the lien holders on the Chevy, Civic and At&t…
All inquiring uncaring-ly about what happened to me after my last payment but before removing the bush they just beated the shit out of to say, “Sir, when can we expect you to pay?”

***Unedited photo credit to:
Photo has been edited for blog use***


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3 thoughts on “Student Blues

  1. speaking to my life right now…

  2. I deeply sympathise and wish you light at the end.

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