Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

For Likes

I write for likes…
For you to like.
Words that come to me first, almost like chronological flirts.
(crushes, fetishes, the wife)

Paving my emotions on the page,
hoping you’ll read, watch or… Stay.
Please stay, with the mouse.?
Hopefully you’ll love me and even think to say:
“Great piece!, Nice Prose., Tight Flows”
I guess I crazily crave the, attention you may say.
(I fiend the views, the hit and rush the clicks spew, intravenously feeds me drugs in twos)

I’m curious about what you perceive,
Intently inquisitive about what you’ve received.
(Did you comment, share, repost…?)

Does my lyric style captivate fragments of your emotions, illustrate scenic moods, inspire literate commotion???
I mean what more adjectives shall I use to fuse nouns to the verbs that burn your facial pubes?!

I write for your likes…
But like, Facebook,
You’ve continually refused to like, to be abused or pulverized by the metaphors that misrepresent themselves for your amuse.
Send your friends, requests to friend me,
Maybe we should play Farmville too.

Similes, like compare themselves to farm gifts, or plows as plots for your confuse; to Confucius you in ways used so you find you… Or Zuckerberg?
Or maybe me rather or even cows and wows, statuses, stars and stripes

I write for likes…
I only hope you; like the writes.


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3 thoughts on “For Likes

  1. Taylor on said:

    Whoa. Nice job! Your posts are raw and very intriguing to read. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Thanks @Taylor! Didn’t know you was reading them. I think you’re my first comment, I’m excited. Stay tuned great things coming.

  3. I like you alright. Keep writing and I’ll be liking. I’ll even throw a word or so at ya.

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