Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


Teen slayed in chicago for the shoes on his feet,
Mother on trial for enrolling her child in a district where the best education is more common than unique,
another killed hers and beat the case, tricked the system something sweet,
Boy banged in FL with metal by a psycho, hoodies now necessary as a feat,
And everywhere I go I can feel it…
That  sick sense of defeat.

There are still places in Texas where racism resides,
stops along I-10 where smart people avoid hitch hiking rides,
Cops inciting riots, gasing the masses over constitutional rights,
Shit if you ain’t got that, then it don’t matter if you black or white.
Your melanin ain’t shit to me without freedom of speech,  free will to gather and peacefully unite.
Rodney King no longer bares the worse when cops shooting niggas unarmed considered dangerous…

These bullets got names on em, faces even,
They look like you and look like me, another product of a reality show,
I think now I wouldn’t want a bad girl, a basketball, mob or real housewife from atlanta or la, I can’t take what reality shows.
Heal the world, might as well we the reason why she bruised,
wouldn’t you feel fucking exploited if they drilled the shit outta you and hit you with a condom, used.

Vaginas hold more than a means of financial recovery,
Pussy was no intended stimulus plan, recover me.
Penis fell victim to a weapon of mass destruction, the pinhole project,
Trapped you a little boy no wonder he would rather neglect his child and stay in the project.


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