Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Keep it G

I keep my G, alternate from the traditional way,
My G is composed of whole flows of unconventional say,
Say like, rhyme Sayers, line slayers and layers of individual concepts immune to decay.
There’s no room for the blind following within my G,
The G in me is… Unique, creative, solid, a rebel born decree,
Absolved in the soil I was grown and raised from.
A culture type suture of Caribbean parables and US couture.
A lemon-lime comparison in comparisons to free…
Yea, my G is exactly the reason why I’m free,
You see my G was devised by viles of knowledge exiled with miles of courage, hidden by them, the men we regard as honorable and prestigious.
Put in power to lead us yet they deceive us, distract us from our G-enius
Display abstract nonsense like its cool to think with my motherfucking penus
And give less regard for the stars, rising nobodies who would rather use their  minds for more than peanuts
Why then, if a rebellious state of mind be considered so primitive, it is so feared by them
Bile men, whom seek to enslave the inferior with tactical drugs and resulting subpoenas
Then rape and dissolve lonely women insulting their intelligence into mere walking vagina…
You see…
There now peeks your inner G
Uh mistaken, never meant energy
But inert supports stem from works and its more similar to Chi
Except that’s translation,
So be it all translucent, and fluent like known to roses rooting from the concrete
Whom never sleep, even tho their G’s are all trodden on beyond meek
But never me no more because my G is beyond peak
It is so, this is how I keep it G


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