Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

I Sign

Kisses dispatch and contact
my lips are heavily distracted…
Now because of her I remember memorable things,
Most played love songs and the things we selfishly claim for us.
I be replaying that Heyyy Soul Sister until its past the bearable point,
Searching surface scars for reminiscent markers within my iridescent joints.

Every black and blue bruise I’ve grew she’s nursed and clung too
Sat through every poetic improvisation of me lecturing you
Cheered me on after with gleeful lip wars and laughter
Like a cocaine cowboy I’m glad I caught her
Now watch me snort her fragrances for reassurance and jump off her
I’m armed and dangerous on her, many have tried but none could sway her as I do.

So pardon me as I mention the unthinkables
she’s dressed fresh in everything edible, my imagination
I’mma edit her fruits and vegetables, my imagination…

Lyrical suave bright lights shes dtf in front the mic,  la femme situation
Yelling zion up  her lauren’s hills all night, miseducation
And my appropriation is of her celebration to commemorate love during our slow dissipation

I call it… Romancing before we’re old farts
She calls it… Marry me before I die
What ever we call it, we make sure to enshrine it every time we lay or lie
We emboss it twice over with appreciation as the windows play homage to the unimportant world outside; glossing over with condensation
As the air inside vibrates into a vacuum, the sounds expands the walls,
the moans transform into calls and the pressure becomes a balloon
… the weather type!

I like the way her cliffs suicide dive and subdivide within their insides to formulate earthly and flesh like pride,
the flesh like vibe,
two aboard this flesh like climb,
I dis-robe her, de-cap my permanent sharpie and
I sign…


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