Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Casualty of Love


I killed her…
Left her bleeding chest gripping, hyper breathing, inner-conflicting,
Mind of horror, sobriety menopause, in actuality death by the infidelity cause.
My love wasn’t like it was supposed to…
my job details was to comatose her, eggs and grits more than her legs and tits
I was operating insufficiently,  too selfish to make the juxtapose necessities fit.
She was such a time worthy obsession,
That I never had a minute for the minute things kept my attention,
Gentleman’s clubs,  promiscuous girls selling theater bred confessions, I blissfully eat, consensual discretion intentional digestion…
I ate it all with knife and fork parts.
Forgot my wife’s face, even after the daily face time,
And since time waits for no man…
Einstein’s theory suggested my replacement, my distance was substituted by pain and now only death remains,
Stabbed her heart in key points, different strokes,
Pulmonary attacks stack unseen to the eyes movement cataracts clap, round of applause for my acts…
She dies victim of this cancel order love 5 seasons strong I been airing out this musty laundry
Now its beyond me… baby buried so young, took her own life in lieu of love like characters in the plays she frequented, black doves dressed like crows made it clear I dear not attend her funeral,
She survives by everyone but me, one less numeral,
Yet I was the only addiction she could not shove
the only family that would not love
She was, a casualty… of love

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