Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

End of Days




May 21, 2011

September 15, 1994

Leaving it to men the world should have ended several times now
and exactly how do you prepare with caves, wood and nails…

Slaves, canned food and plows,
maybe a couple Hail Marys and a transcription of the Holy Grail?

I can’t put my finger on what will come but I’ll entertain what has:

Preachers, considered as leaders touching little boys
in exchange for Sprite…2-Liters,
Hate beyond the meters, husbands beating they wives
dressed in wife-beaters.
The irony of iron men seems to show they get rusted,
tilted-nosed heroes, I rate them less than they get dusted,
nostrils blanketed with cocaine sheets.
How can we sleep through the shots, sparks peek through my blinds,
can’t run out to see who got hit without stepping on heroin vines,
scenery is on ill, look like Lionsgate Productions yet the future smiles…

Some of them six, seven the brightest maybe nine,
and the only thing they have in common is running out of time.
Mother neglects baby, but “boo-thang” keeps her going wild,
She don’t even see he got his hand on her…
She don’t even hear the screams he puts his thing in her…

that isn’t the same like sense or cents,
Middle-class poverty been outlined in a fence,
sometimes a wall but that too comes crowned in barbed wires,
So pardon me if I don’t do Lent, and prefer to smoke peace and set bonfires.

I don’t need a prediction to know that on 12-21-12 someone will die from gun fire,
stray or otherwise meant for.
A few soldiers will lose their lives protecting us, more than one child will starve to death,
Many women will face a life long trauma after being raped,
a new gang of teens will be solicited for sex online by child molesters.
Men will continue being piss poor fathers,
A woman somewhere is going to drown her newborn in a tub,
Sociopaths will continue to complain about not being loved.
The crack, heroin, meth, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, shrooms and pcp addictions will have kept growing.
A religious man will touch another boy inappropriately,
The national debt will grow another trillion dollars.
a warhead might fall on another country, for instance Korea, Gaza, Israel… us
A plane will crash, a building will fall, cars will collide, a drunk driver will hit someone.
Someone will commit a mass killing spree in the name of God.
… and even after all of that
you’ll still be concerned with what you cannot predict.

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