Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


There’s a mountain growing in my pants.
I grasped the door handle, coupled with premonitions simultaneously.

Anxiety defeats subtlety,
Pride gets off his ass, slips down my throat; oops!
Yelling remain kosher all the way down to ground floor B12, missed the elevator to the Cajones level.

I pushed the door open cautiously, turning my head slightly (34°) right.

There she lays, dressed in 800 plus thread counts,
I count 5 to 1 then 1 to 5, frantically, I think Pride died when he fell, I hope one pack of Magnum suffices.
That mountain just broke surface.

Palms do the sweaty thing until my fingers dance in exasperation, oh maybe it was exaggeration… Who cares?!
She suddenly smiles and beckons my presence with her elegance, her fingers dance too, a different move though.
One set disturbs present radio frequencies, air particles, matter and inertia.
The other unnerved her areola, labia majoria, clitoris and feminine intuition.
In arms reach, I reach for her arm to use my pointers to trace along, displace haste along, every inch of her torso, shoulders, back, thighs, hips and waist all along the curves, lines and juxtapose sexy territory.

Moments begin to color themselves temporarily sepia.

Her flanges bless my chest, found new ground like aliens docking on earth.
Her lips control my nerve system like puppet strings, every kiss makes me jerk, shudder; wonderful suffering.
I divert tensions like traffic agents, shifting compulsive reactions to the primary reactor,
She unveils monarch butterfly wings disguised as legs,
parting them, Red Seas like…

Pulling me into share coastal currents.
The Native Son, vessel #1 mistakes waves for land and charges all ahead at XXX nautical knots.

I collide between icy hot waters, thunderstorm driven.
Pirate of the Caribbean, me Jack Sparrow!
situation gets intense, a hurricane brews and the winds begin to wallow,
She begins to swallow, whatever amounts of saliva that built up during this encounter.

I remount her, engage her like never before, the boat begins to rock and wail like never before! I’m enticed, twice over, she begins to turn over, to give me the chance to position myself as animals do in the wild.
I smile, no rejections necessary, plant my seed sower into her garden once more and…

Before I could warn her, locked up in dozens of involuntary spasms, muscle convulsions… I ORGASM! without her, unleashing the demons within hordes of beasts remove themselves and enter a penitentiary of nothingness,
Unbreakable bonds, cornucopia of prophylactic window panes staring through them, the translucent bars at destiny…

She says “Wow, a new record high, 5 minutes flat…”


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