Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Simple Sh*t!

If we could hit this lotto!…
We’d be knee deep in all that materialistic shit.
Piles of the unnecessaries and about 20, no 30 whips,
Yard full of pits; BBQ and canine,
House full of tits; sponsorships and feline.

Now ain’t that just some simple minded shit?!

If we could hit this lotto!…
I’d buy 16 chains, all of them diamond,
Throw awful stacks in the strip club;
Make it a block party, and double park infront the hydrants.
Wear nothing but J’s, Louboutin and egyptian silk, egyptian musk, Ukranian hats, Gators and Scottish kilts,
minks in the summer, ostrich in the winter, snakes in the rain and carry-on my pet eagles on the plane.

Now isn’t that just some simple minded shit?!

If we could only hit this lotto!…
I’ll finally graduate from weed to blow,
From bills to bonds, coach to private,
Sailing on the Sea World ferry to becoming part of the yacht club; one of the pirates.
From tilapia to Lobster and oysters rocking fine pearls,
From tripping to the mall, to tripping to the Outback,
buy some real lions, and keep them all outback.

That’s just some simple minded shit,
brought to you via minds with no freedom.
Tvs tell them what’s important; brain depletion,
Can’t hooked on phonics to comprehend Iraqi Freedom.
I’m so appalled at ’em because they don’t seek any better,
Just rather facade ball at the mall with the man on the horse, on the sweater.
While corporate cash grows bigger, you dodging a car note nigga?
serving cookies like Girl Scouts living life in fast forward niggas,
Until the DEA peep play then you the stop, eject, paper weight mode nigga.
Don’t be confused, color isn’t an excuse to be used, the man ain’t holding you down as much as you straight jacket yourself back in tombs.
Care to consider what the average lower middle class urban mind lacks?!?
They lack depth, knowledge and freedom.


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