Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Let Them Talk

People tend to talk; almost like we be the trending topic.
I’ve got it!
Let’s get matching dog collars, spike our hair after black nail polish and go gothic,
Atleast then they’ll be entertained, although they won’t refrain from holding onto to us, like a drink in the hand of an alcoholic.

So what you’re into me like I’m into you!
Isn’t that what lover’s do?
Celebrate love like no tommorrow,
boast about love like no tommorrow,
Treat it tender incase there’s no tomorrow.
Who the fuck even said there would be a…
Tomorrow’s coming baby I gotta kiss you for during the intermissions I’ll be missing you,
Wishing you, wouldn’t care so much about the hot air bad breaths be spewing about us.
I can’t let you tolerate them, they and those.
I shouldn’t and wouldn’t.
Though its more of them than I,
Moreover we are more alive,
In the sense that you are my life.
In the sense that you oughta be my wife.

And we’ll do wedding bells and specific cakes,
ceremonial dress and petals near a lake,
And even then they’ll be talking.
So let’s do them the honors and bid them farewells until its good morning.


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One thought on “Let Them Talk

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