Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Humble Mouths’ Toast

posted by: Kristin Carlisle on January 21, 2012 @

We’d like to propose a toast to the likes of those that did this before us…
The Mark Twains’ and William Shakespeares’,
Phenomenal women that showed us what’s at stake here.
Maya Angelous’ and Nikki Giovanni’s made sweet words sing off paperback heralds move and dance like Ella Fitzgerald.
Poets and writers that scripted and witnessed the costs,
…of what may be lost
the Anne Franks’ and Robert Frosts’.

The renaissance folk that jived the most burrows, the simplest metaphors that made the biggest news,
I’m talking about the Zora Neal Hurstons’ and Langston Hughes’,
Dreams Deferred and some abused.

Mad women and men that captivated the sanest thoughts,
Emily Dickinsons’ and Edgar Allan Poes’, E.E. Cummings’ and Ralph Waldo Emersons’ wrote hopes with hearts and love I suppose.
Ladies and Gentlemen this is not a bid adieu to them, this is a wide-eyed tributary recognition,
42 gun salute, literate commencement to the fire starters that lit the ignitions,
Here’s to their emissions
Authors of fine-wine lines that ages well, despite that Prohibition.

The TS Eliot’s and W.E.B Dubois’ types, whom surmounted enough energy in prose to Thomas Edison some light.
H.P. Lovecrafts’ for mystery and fright,  Conversation’s with Ais’, poets and playwrights that beg you open your…

Open your minds to All Lovely Things not just the Pulitzer prizes of the Conrad Aikens’ and the Sick Rose of the William Blakes’.
Then after that let us remind ourselves of what’s at stake.

Matsuo Bashos’ and the Robert Brownings’, Gwendolyn Brooks’ and the Jorge Luis Borges’
The Thomas Hardys’, Gerard Manley Hopkins’, Rudyard Kiplings’, Henry Longfellows’ and so much more; Humble Mouths that shaped…

What is at stake?

“Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.” – Plato (Humble Mouth BC)


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